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Humans + AI is a brand new community dedicated to amplifying human potential with AI.

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“Those who use AI well will outperform themselves and everyone else.

Those who don’t use AI will simply be left behind.”

– Ross Dawson

Futurist and Founder, Humans + AI Learning Community

What you get when you join the community

Collaborative Learning

Engaging discussions and a vibrant exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices with other AI experts and enthusiasts in a supportive, collaborative environment.


Practical, concise skill development designed to amplify your capabilities and accelerate your workflows using AI.

Live Events

Interactive webinars, workshops, panel discussions and real-time Q&A sessions that provide valuable opportunities to stay at the forefront of emerging trends, exchange knowledge, and foster meaningful connections.

Downloadable Resources

Valuable templates, frameworks and references, created to help you explore new techniques, deepen your understanding of AI, and implement AI-powered solutions in your ventures.

…and more!

The community is just getting started and will continue to develop and evolve. Look forward to access to exclusive beta programs, expert insights and more!

Learn to apply leading-edge Humans + AI frameworks

Use structured frameworks to make sense of the complex, rapidly evolving Humans + AI space, develop effective workflows, and amplify performance.

About the Community Founder

Ross Dawson is a globally recognized futurist, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and bestselling author. He has been researching the impact of artificial intelligence on work and society for over two decades, with his prescient 2002 book Living Networks exploring themes including AI-based agent technology. He is founder of numerous companies, including Humans + AI startup Informivity and AI interface app ThoughtWeaver.

Ross is in strong demand globally, having delivered keynote speeches and strategy workshops for business and government leaders in over 30 countries, including recent sessions on AI and future of work for organizations such as NASA, Deloitte, Mastercard, and Microsoft.  He appears frequently in global media, including ABC, BBC, The Guardian, Le Monde, The New York Times, El País, USA Today, Die Welt, and many others.


Humans + AI


Gain foundational skills for using AI effectively.



Unlimited access to Humans + AI Foundational Resources

Comprehensive foundational courses including Introduction to Humans + AI and Prompting Essentials

Collaborative community discussions on topics including What’s New in AI and the Future of AI

Connect and chat with other Humans + AI community members

Expert-hosted Humans + AI Live Events

Humans + AI


Take your productivity to the next level.



Everything in Foundation plus:

Access to our Premium course on Prompting Mastery to amplify your prompting capabilities

An advanced course on Better Thinking with AI to augment your cognition

A wealth of Practical Use Cases with clear guidance that you can immediately put into practice

Community discussion and peer learning on Sharing Prompts and Use Cases

Access to exclusive Premium Live Events

Print or ebook copy of Thriving on Overload by Ross Dawson, named a best book of summer by Fast Company

Humans + AI


Implement AI to amplify organizational success.


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Everything in Mastery plus:

Participation in our industry-leading courses on Strategy for AI, AI Governance, and AI for Strategic Decision-Making 

Access to thought-provoking discussion with other leaders on Organizational Productivity with AI

Print or ebook copy of Thriving on Overload by Ross Dawson, named a best book of summer by Fast Company

50% discount on Maven cohort course led by AI expert Ross Dawson

Monthly live interactive workshops with Ross Dawson

One registration for the Thriving on Overload Interactive course, valued at $199

15 minute advisory call with Ross Dawson

Check out the Amplifying Cognition Podcast to learn from the best on how to achieve better thinking, sense-making, and decision-making using AI and other innovative techniques.

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